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4 years ago we released our 1st album...
"A few minutes with William"   Video  

28.09.2022 / 


01.09.2022 / NEW SINGLE! "I was there..." + CALL FOR REMIX:

Hidden Souls - I WAS THERE... (Single-Cover).jpg

On October 7th our new single called
"I Was There..." will be released.


If you want to make a Remix of the song read the following text from our record label:

The Argentine synthpop band Hidden Souls place the track 'I was there...' from the upcoming second studio album at the creative disposal of all remix-interested parties.

'I WAS THERE …' will be released in digital form on ECHOZONE. The single release is scheduled for October 07th. The best remixes will be taken into account for future releases.

Deadline is Sunday, September 18th; so, let’s get started!

Please send your finished remix as WAV 24 Bit/48.000 KHz for download to .

Contact remix kit: / subject: HIDDEN SOULS REMIX KIT 'I WAS THERE …'

Please note: The remix data are exclusively provided for the purpose of compiling a remix which is placed at our disposal free of charge for unconditional, free, commercial and uncommercial use. There is no obligation to submit anything on your part, nor are we obliged to release your remix. The remixer is allowed to use their remix for their own, uncommercial promo purposes.

All the best! The ECHOZONE Team


03.08.2022 / La Coruña pictures:

Pictures by Verónica Ganún -


13.07.2022 / Nuremberg pictures:

Pictures by Verónica Ganún -

ISNH 9-7-22 Der Cult HIDDENSOULS179.jpg

23.06.2022 / Berlin & Hannover pictures:

Pictures by Verónica Ganún -


03.06.2022 / European Tour - New Concert:


Hola amigos! Tocaremos en España el próximo 29 de Julio. La cita será en La Coruña   -  Sala FILOMATIC

Por primera vez en muchos años, tocaremos algunos covers, para dar paso a una DEPECHE MODE PARTY.

Los esperamos a todos!!!

18.05.2022 / European Tour - New Dates!:

Hey guys! We will play in Nuremberg - July 9th

Insert Scary Name Here party at Der Cult - nightclub & more

Big party with Amazing DJs + Live performances of Hidden SoulsCattaC

We need you there!!!

(English below)

Wir gehen in die zweite Runde nach dem Neustart.

Dieses mal haben wir für euch zwei Bands dabei (siehe unten).

Einlass: 19:00 Uhr

Konzertbeginn: 20:00 Uhr

Party: ab 22:00 Uhr


VVK - 16€

AK - 20€

Party Only - 8€

Der Cult Resident DJs Dark-Wanderer und padrigg! sind zusammen

bekannt als [Insert-Scary-Name-Here].

Gerade in den letzten 2 Jahren haben sie sich zu einem der

erfolgreichsten schwarzen Streams der Welt auf Twitch entwickelt und

so international für Aufmerksamkeit gesorgt mit ihrem Stil quer durch

die schwarze Szene - von bekannten Hits bis neuesten Veröffentlichungen! Dabei immer tanzbar, gut gemischt und für die eine oder andere Überraschung gut.

Kommen wir wieder zusammen, packt die Tanzstiefel aus, werft euch in eure schwärzesten Klamotten: This is [Insert-Scary-Name-Here]!

Die Party nach den Konzerten wird auch auf Twitch gestreamt.

HIDDEN SOULS (Argentinien)

CATTAC (Deutschland)

Twitch Stream:

ISNH Page:

Cult Seite:

1651941152070_Hidden Souls + Flyer ISNH - Announce Flyer-.jpg

02.04.2022 / European Tour:

We are so happy to announce that we will play with

Beyond Obsession in Hannover and Berlin. We are so

glad to be part of their tour.

Friday 10th Berlin - PrivatClub

Saturday 11th Hannover (+ Beyond Border ) - Lux

+Tickets here:



Dos de los mayores exponentes del synthpop argentino, presentaran su nuevo album el día Viernes 1 de Abril, en el Auditorio Cendas de la ciudad de Buenos Aires, por primera y única vez en el año.

Hidden Souls // Reflection
Viernes 1 de Abril 22.15 horas (puntual!!)
Auditorio Cendas
Bulnes 1350 - C.A.B.A.

Entradas anticipadas $600, ya a la venta en:
+ @TwilightRecordsArgentina - Av.Corrientes 753 Local 55 C.A.B.A.
+ Por mensaje privado en Facebook a: @HiddenSoulsArgentina // @ReflectionZoneAR

27.02.2022 / Nuevo concierto:

16.02.2022 / New Album:

HIDDEN SOULS 2022 by Veronica Ganun Fotografias

New album, new dates, new pics... Coming soon!

The train is coming!! (I think I heard this phrase before hehe)

PUENTE BELGRANO 2021_0009.jpg

28.09.2020 / "The Incorruptible Dream" 2nd Anniversary!


2 years ago, we released our 1st album called

"The Incorruptible Dream"

It's amazing how time flies... It really scares me a bit!

It seems like yesterday when I was in Cologne, I came back to Buenos Aires to play with And One and then back to Germany for the album release... I didn't think even in my dreams that everything would be so nice for the band. Thank you very much everyone! Danke Schön! Gracias!


Hidden Souls - ARG


We made a video for the Extended version of our 1st single. It's a mix of unseen footage, the storyboard & the original video. I hope you like it!

HIDDEN SOULS "The World is Falling..." (Extended Mix)

Taken from the Single "The World is Falling..." available in all digital stores. (Bandcamp/iTunes/Amazon/Spotify & more)

Original version available on the album "The Incorruptible Dream" (CD + Digital Stores) ©echozone 2018

Written by Guillermo Pardo Neira

Extended Mix by Fernando Hernan Sande

Directed by Veronica Ganun 

We'll premiere the show we recorded at Club Museum (22.08.2018) in front of almost 2000 people through the Insert Scary Name Here Twitch channel.
SATURDAY 8th HIDDEN SOULS Live at Club Museum, Buenos Aires. Concert premiere EXCLUSIVE on Twitch: 18hs Germany, 13hs Buenos Aires, 11am Mexico City, 9am Los Angeles.
Also, we'll be LIVE on Twitch talking to you and the amazing DJs of [InsertScaryNameHere] before and after the concert premiere. You can ask questions through the chat. They'll play a LIVE DJ Set after the "interview". More than 8 hours of music!! :D RadioDarkFire




HIDDEN SOULS Live: "Wave Invasion Festival" - Netherlands

Facebook Streaming;
Saturday 11th 19.30hs Germany // 14.30hs ARG // 12.30pm Mex // 10.30am 
USA Pacific
The 3rd edition of WAVE INVASION FESTIVAL ONLINE is a truly international

As always: Grab a nice cool drink, sit back, relax and enjoy!


01.06.2020 / "DarkStream Festival 2020" VIDEO:

"DarkStream Festival 2020" (Streaming) #Quaranstream

We filmed this studio session for the "DarkStream Festival", Moritzbastei, Leipzig.

In-Studio #QuaranStream” (E-Set) - May 2020


01-Hearts & Minds

02-The World is Falling…



05-Know Your Fears

06-The Guilt

Agradecimiento General.jpg

All tracks taken from the album

“The Incorruptible Dream”

(2018-ECHOZONE). Except tracks 4 & 5

taken from the “untitled” forthcoming


12.05.2020 / New Album//"DarkStream Festival":

Hello everyone!!! I hope you are fine and healthy. The current situation in the whole world is complicated and it's hard to be positive but we must try...
As most of you already know, we were working so hard the last months and we almost finish our new album. We have plans to play in Europe this year but reality bites and right now, we are living inside a nightmare. We have a few dates already booked since a few months ago but we are waiting since February (the beginning of the COVID19 alert worldwide) to announce the european tour because of the quarantine we are living here in Buenos Aires and because there's a strong possibility that most of the gigs will be cancelled due to health and safety reasons... In the other hand, the closure of the borders, the fear, the risk, not knowing what will happen next, not knowing our next step and the bad situation in Argentina "put us on ice"... 😷 The virus in itself is not the only thing that affects people's health. We feel we are in the middle of nowhere...
Please, don't run away! hehehe The dark part of the message is over! We are breathing darkness but we'll try to focus on the music and we know we have to move on. So we have some news for all of you:
First, we are so happy about the new album. We feel it will be a breakthrough in our career. Second, we made a remix for a very good German synthpop band. And third, we'll be part of the
"Dark Stream Festival" We'll play a few songs for you!🎹 You can watch the show safety at home and you can find out how good we really are while you're taking a few drinks 😉
Thank you for your support... We love you!

Hidden Souls - Leo, Alejandro & William

Ein Onlinefestival der schwarzen Art, mit Musik, Literatur und Kunst.

Gothic Wave im kühlen elektronischen Gewand präsentieren euch Hidden Souls aus Argentinien!


05.12.2019 / "The Incorruptible Tour 2019":
 PICTURES - "Niceto Club", Capital Federal, Buenos Aires.

escenario final NICETO 2-12-19.jpg
Foto con MINE Niceto 2-12-19.jpg

Pictures by Verónica Ganún & Maia Triñanes

04.11.2019 / "The Incorruptible Tour 2019":

- "Niceto Club", Capital Federal, Buenos Aires 02.12.2019

poster original INSTAGRAM con Hidden -sm

We're so glad to announce that Hidden Souls will play with M.I.N.E.

December 2nd Niceto Club , Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Tickets available on Twilight Records & Ticketek.

Les recordamos, que pueden conseguir nuestro el album, en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, en Twilight Records
Corrientes 753 - Local 55 - C.A.B.A. - Argentina

Para envios al interior de ARG, contactarse con dicha disquería, o escribirnos desde esta página.


logod ventas.jpeg

25.07.2019 / "The Incorruptible Tour 2019":

Live at "Casa Rock", Buenos Aires 27.03.2019 (Streaming)

Due to people's demand, we want to share with you the show we made last March in Buenos Aires.
This video is from a live stream... We hope you like it!
(Please, check our YouTube channel) 

08.06.2019 / "The Incorruptible Tour 2019":

05.07.2019 - "Kirie Club", Capital Federal, Buenos Aires.

Flyer Kirie 05.06.2019.jpg

27.04.2019 / "The Incorruptible Tour 2019":

Pictures by Verónica Ganún

27.03.2019 - "Casa Rock", Capital Federal, Buenos Aires.


More pictures:

01.03.2019"Orkus Magazin" (March)

Compilation 139 featuring Hidden Souls  "The Guilt"

PR-314-0106 - Hidden Souls - Sampler - T

28.02.2019 / "The Incorruptible Tour 2019":

-"Casa Rock", Capital Federal, Buenos Aires 27.03.2019

We will play with the amazing german band

DIARY OF DREAMS at "Casa Rock" (C.A.B.A.)

March 27th 20hs -SHOWS-


24.02.2019 / "The Incorruptible Tour 2019":

Pictures by Verónica Ganún

22.02.2019 - "Liverpool Bar", Capital Federal, Buenos Aires.


04.02.2019 / "The Incorruptible Tour 2019":

22.02.2019 - "Liverpool Bar", Capital Federal, Buenos Aires.


11.01.2019 / New single: "The Guilt":

"THE GUILT" (Single) Now available in all digital stores.
3rd single taken from the album THE INCORRUPTIBLE DREAM. ©echozone 2018 +
Written by Guillermo Pardo Neira --  Photos by Verónica Ganún
Single Tracklist:
01 The Guilt (Video Version)
02 Separate Ways (People Theatre's Runabout Mix)
03 The Guilt [Paralyzed RMX]
04 Darkness Falls Down (BloodConnek7ion Remix)
05 Silence (Angelus Mysteria Remix)

06 The Guilt [Paralyzed RMX Radio Edit]

07 Separate Ways (Alternative Version)

"The Guilt" is a song that was born from the eternal inner fight between light and darkness. The feeling of being loved and wanted but sometimes in suffering and hopeless despair.

The melodies in the song have a touch of futurepop music but in a dark atmosphere. The "up-tempo" song have a deep intense feeling.

The video of the song is actually a short view of Hidden Souls performance as support band for And One in their show in Buenos Aires (Argentina) on last August (2018) in front of 1800 people at the "Museum Club", built by the amazing and famous French civil engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel.

HIDDEN SOULS The Guilt . Single

Available on:






05.12.2018 / Sonic Seducer Magazine: Interview + CD

PR-314-0017 - Hidden Souls - Interview -
PR-314-0017 - Hidden Souls - Interview -
PR-314-0016 - Hidden Souls - Review - Th
PR-314-0014 - Hidden Souls - Sampler - T
PR-314-0015 - Hidden Souls - Sampler - T

05.12.2018 / Hidden Souls Facebook Fans Group

Acá les dejamos el grupo de "Fans" de Hidden Souls. Pueden compartir lo que quieran sobre la banda o simplemente la música que les gusta.
This is the "Fans" group of Hidden Souls. You can share whatever you want about the band or just the music you like.
Thank you!


30.11.2018 / Interview - Side-Line Magazine

The long-prestigious Belgium Side-Line Magazine made us an interview.



(Thank you Stéphane Froidcoeur)

Captura de pantalla 2018-11-30 a las 18.

Les recordamos, que pueden conseguir nuestro el album, en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, en Twilight Records
Corrientes 753 - Local 55 - C.A.B.A. - Argentina

Para envios al interior de ARG, contactarse con dicha disquería, o escribirnos desde esta página.


En Chile, en Dark Music Market

Telefono: +56 9 8775 4516


26.10.2018 / "Hearts & Minds" (Official Video) // Single preview (video) // Digital Download:

"HEARTS & MINDS" (Single) Now available in all digital stores.
2nd single taken from the album THE INCORRUPTIBLE DREAM. ©echozone 2018 +
Written by Guillermo Pardo Neira --  Photos by Verónica Ganún
Single Tracklist:
01 Hearts & Minds (Video Version)
02 Hearts & Minds (Paralyzed Rmx)
03 Mine (People Theater's Belong Mix)
04 Deep Emotions (Reflection Remix)
05 Hearts & Minds (Alexis Voice Remix)

"Hearts & Minds" is a song that was born from Edgar Allan Poe's phrase: "When we have peace in our hearts and minds, we draw peace into our lives."

The "up-tempo" song is a mix of rough synths and guitars in a darkwave style but with futurepop arrangements.

"Hearts & Minds" is not a "typically commercial" song and does not show the typical structure you would expect of a single but it's a reflection of the band. It blends different genre styles together.

The video is a 'funny tribute' to David Lynch's "Twin Peaks".

banner hearts and minds copia.png

28.09.2018 / "The Incorruptible Dream" (Album) CD - Digital Release:

banner the incorruptible.jpg

Hidden Souls "The Incorruptible Dream" available worldwide.
Amazon Music, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play Music, Echozone's Bandcamp, Amazon, POPoNAUT , , Twilight Records (Argentina) , Dark Music Market Chile
Envíos a toda Argentina y Sudamérica por HIDDENSOULS.COM.AR -

23.08.2018 / Hidden Souls+And One (Live in Club Museum, Buenos Aires)
Pictures & Video:

El Miércoles 22 de Agosto, en #ClubMuseu

You can see the pictures in the following link:

#HiddenSouls some pictures of our last g

17.08.2018 / "The World is Falling..." (Official Video) // Single preview (video)

You can listen snippets from the single "The World is Falling..." taken from the forthcoming album "The Incorruptible Dream" (Available on September 28th) ECHOZONE

Remixes by Zoon Politicon, Naked Lunch, Nekrodamus, Monotronic, HzweiG, Schwarzstern & Fernando Hernan Sande

plus the B-Side "The Future is Mine (T.H.X.)"

Available on:





01 The World Is Falling... (Album Version)

02 The World Is Falling... (Extended Mix)

03 The Future Is Mine (T.H.X.) [B-Side]

04 The World Is Falling... (Naked Lunch Remix)

05 The World Is Falling... (Zoon Politicon - Once Again Mix)

06 The World Is Falling... (Nekrodamus Mix)

07 The World Is Falling... (Monotronic Remix)

08 The World Is Falling... (Hzweig Remix)

09 The World Is Falling... (Schwarzstern Remix)

10 The World Is Falling... (Video 1080p HD) +

(+) Video available only in iTunes

05.08.2018 / Album/Single


I spent a wonderful time with the amazing Jörg Tochtenhagen​ in ECHOZONE​. The debut album of Hidden Souls will be available on September 28th. It's called THE INCORRUPTIBLE DREAM. You can listen some snippets in our website.
But you don't need to wait until September because our first single will be available on August 17th "THE WORLD IS FALLING..." The single will be available for download in all relevant download shops... Stay tuned! 

1-Hidden Souls - _The World is Falling..

21.06.2018 / ECHOZONE

We are so proud to announce that HIDDEN SOULS are now part of the ECHOZONE family. 






We join forces with the prestigious german record label and we are so so happy to announce our debut album will be available on September 28th. 

September 28th.

31.07.2017 / Pictures:

"Amarcord", Montevideo, Uruguay 22.07.2017

El día 22 de Julio, nos estaremos presentando en la hermana ciudad de Montevideo.
Será nuestra primera vez en Uruguay, donde presentaremos nuestro primer álbum y algunos covers, clásicos. Para vivir una noche increíble, junto a los mejores DJs del género, en una fiesta interminable... AMARCORD 


© 2013 by Guillermo Pardo Neira. All rights reserved. 

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