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BIOGRAPHY: About us...

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HIDDEN SOULS is an Argentinian electronic band, originally from Mar del Plata (Argentina). They combines elements of synthpop, EBM (electro body music), futurepop and dark music.

Early years:

It was formed in 2005 following the dreams of Guillermo Pardo Neira &  Alejandro Visona. Influenced by artists as G.Numan, A.Wilder, Claude S, T.Reznor, J.M.Jarre,  V.Clarke and bands like Kraftwerk, Joy Division, F242, Depeche Mode, OMD, Camouflage, Clan of Xymox, And One, De/Vision, Mesh, The Cure, Covenant and many more...

A little more than a year and a half later (December 2006) they played live for the very first time. Despite of having several changes in their formation from band’s first concert, they went ahead playing assiduously in the local scene and also with international bands (Nitzer Ebb).

Their record debut was in 2010 in the film-themed music compilation called "Deformed Frames". It was followed by a participation in the "Argentine Tribute to Depeche Mode Vol.1" in 2011.

The present & the future:

In 2015, after a brief impasse, Hidden Souls joined their ranks. Now the band is formed by Leo Carden, Guillermo Pardo Neira & Alejandro Visona. And they started to work on their first album with the producer Fernando Sande Dallas.

During 2017 they finished their debut album called "The Incorruptible Dream” and also performed live in Buenos Aires and Montevideo (Uruguay).

They also made remixes for Zoon Politicon (Germany) and the Australian synthpop act Parralox.

In April 2018, the band was part of the compilation "Electropop 12” of Conzoom Records (Germany). Months later, the band signed with the German record label ECHOZONE ( who released the album. "The Incorruptible Dream" reached the stores on September 28th (2018).

The album was on the German Top 10 (GEWC) and it got very good reviews all over the world. Also the band appeared in renown magazines as "Sonic Seducer", "Orkus" and "Legacy".

Two singles from the band's debut album saw the light in 2018. The 1st single was called "The World is Falling..." (August 17st) and it made it to the D.A.C. (Deutsche Alternative Charts). After the first single was released, they played with the german band And One in Buenos Aires. The 2nd single called "Hearts & Minds" was released on October 26th.

In the beginning of 2019, the 3rd single from their acclaimed debut album was released. "The Guilt" (January 11th). The song was on the Top 20 (GEWC) singles chart.

"The Incorruptible Tour" started in February (2019) in Buenos Aires. Also, they supported And One, Diary of Dreams & M.I.N.E.. They had planned to tour in Europe after the release of the album but everything was postponed to 2022 because of the pandemic situation all around the world. Meanwhile, the band has performed live on "stream festivals" like the "DarkStream Festival" (Germany) & "Wave Invasion Festival"( Netherlands). Also, they made remixes for Beyond Obsession and other artists.

This year, they've recently finished the recording of their 2nd album entitled "All That We Destroy", which will be released again by the German record label ECHOZONE on November 4th. The tour 2022 begun in Buenos Aires and they played in Europe for the first time (Germany & Spain). The 1st single taken from their forthcoming album will be the futurepop song called "I Was There..." (October 7th).











Band Members:
Leonardo Carden
Guillermo "William" Pardo Neira
Alejandro Visoná

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